timbg handsWe, the founders and board members of TIMBG want to make a statement to denounce racism, hatred, physical violence and vandalism against any people of any race or culture. When we work together there is no limit to the goodness and greatness that can be achieved. We denounce the very few who applaud racism and violence, especially those in authority, but we also denounce those that take advantage of the situation to hurt innocent people, and burn or loot their businesses.

Our country and citizens are very divided. There are factions at work trying to tear down the fabric of our great nation and provoke racism and violence to turn us against each other. We have seen across America and in our own cities, Chinese immigrants and business owners blamed for the failed Chinese government’s attempt to hide the Covid-19 outbreak; Jewish synagogues and Muslim Mosques, have been vandalized or burned because they worship differently, Christians are being very systematically persecuted for boldly professing their faith; and most recently the ugly flames of racism has been stoked and fanned by radicals who are turning peaceful protests about the injustice and criminal acts of a few perpetrated on George Floyd, and in a larger sense, the black community, into race against race.

TIMBG has always promoted the inclusiveness of people of all cultures, religions and ethnic backgrounds to work in harmony with each other and help to promote and grow each other’s businesses, organizations and institutions with mutual respect. From its inception and founding by Dr. Galen Hull and Dr. Ming Wang, it has always welcomed everyone from every nation and ethnic background to leave the ideologies of racism and exclusiveness outside and come into a meeting where all people can appreciate one another’s uniqueness AND find common ground. We are a group of business owners, entrepreneurs and influencers, who welcomes brothers and sisters from every race, color and creed. And, within our diversity, we are united in that we share a common desire to learn more about each other and develop business relationships with each other. Only by finding the common ground, can we then begin to learn about the differences in one another's experiences. Common ground can unite, diversity brings richness. Peace brings prosperity.